• Environmentally Friendly

    From our ingredients to our packaging

  • Flavour Plus

    All the taste without compromising your health

  • Cooking matters

    It took us 6 months to perfect our katsu sauce!

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“Michelin awards are my oscars” If I could go to one restaurant, take me to Manresa by David Kinch. Food inspires me with all the endless possibilities from how many ways you can cook an onion to how you plate it.
“Food is an experience” Cooking has always been around me. I worked my way up from my family kitchen to a 3 Michelin star restaurant and now I’m on a mission to make eating high-quality food accessible to everyone, no matter where you are.
“Try my blondies!” I didn’t want a car for my 18th, I wanted a 16l matt black kitchen aid stan mixer with a mincer attachment! For as long as I can remember food has been a major part of my life.
David & Emily

Eat good. Feel Good. Do Good.

At All Week sustainability has always been at the core of every decision we make.

🌱Our packaging is 100% recyclable, recycled, compostable or reusable 

🌻 Our Food boxes are totally compostable (made from sugar cane), recycle your lids and sleeves, and compost or recycle your bases, easy

🧊The liquid inside our ice packs is 100% plant based and can be poured down the drain, or used as a nutritious plant feed  

🥕Where possible, we use seasonal and local produce, supporting British farms and farmers

🍎 Our meals are made-to-order meaning we hold no food stock limiting food waste

🌎 We recycle our cooking oil into biofuel

🌳 We plant a tree for every order placed with All Week, and every delivery we make

One mission

All Week was born out of a need to keep cooking and the desire to feed the local community. 3 Years and many meals later, we're still feeding our communities just a bit bigger.

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